The ultimate jean-making workshop
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Choose one of these patterns with your course: Ginger High/Low-Rise Jeans, Ginger Mid-Rise Jeans or Morgan Boyfriend Jeans in PDF or Print format.

Have you made off-the-rack jeans your sworn enemy because you can never find jeans that fit? Are you dying to craft your own pair, but are too scared to make the first cut? Do you need help fitting or constructing jeans from the comfort of your home?

If you find yourself nodding along, look no further. Our Sew Your Dream Jeans Workshop will give you the tools and techniques to design, sew, and wear your very own custom pair of jeans. Like a boss. 

Welcome to the ultimate jean-making class! Here’s a secret that’s bound to change everything: jeans are not the enemy, and making your own pair, no matter your skill level, isn’t that hard. Plus, DIY-ing your denim is way more fun than trying on a few hundred pairs in a tiny dressing room, only to find one that kinda-sorta fits your body. Skip the hassle of one-style-fits-all jeans and fill your wardrobe with professional, handmade denim that polishes your sewing skills and celebrates your best assets. I’ve condensed every detail I’ve ever learned about the process of making jeans into this in-depth, easy to follow workshop that I know you’ll love.

Work at your own pace – anytime, anywhere, on any device – and learn the handiwork that shows you how to fit a jeans pattern to the proportions of your body, source top-notch materials and supplies, sew denim on a standard home sewing machine, and learn construction methods that make your jeans look like they were made for you – because they were.

In Sew Your Dream Jeans, you'll learn...

  • How to shop for and source beautiful denim and all the necessary jean-making supplies.
  • How to find the perfect size for your body, and grade in-between sizes. ✂ Basic pants & jeans fitting, with examples shown on a live model and all major adjustments demonstrated on camera.
  • How to prep denim and cut it to prevent ‘leg twist’.
  • Sewing techniques for the most durable denim seams, using a regular sewing machine or serger.
  • Tips for painless and professional-looking topstitching.
  • Two different pocket styles, including the ultra-flattering, tummy-tucking pocket stay.
  • How to confidently sew a fly front zipper and button fly.
  • Ways to install jeans buttons and rivets at home, without requiring special equipment.
  • Sewing methods that include a comfortable, sturdy waistband without awkward gaping.
  • How to place back pockets that accentuate your best assets.
from $59.00 USD

Included Pattern

While you can use any jeans pattern to follow along (including mens jeans since the construction is the same), with your enrolment in Sew Your Dream Jeans, you can choose between any of our best-selling jeans patterns in sizes 0-20: 

Can't decide which pattern to choose? You can also bundle all 3 PDF patterns with your enrolment.

Print patterns will be shipped directly to you. For instant gratification, choose a PDF pattern; see our guide to printing and assembling PDF patterns here.

Learn how to sew class Learn how to sew class Learn how to sew class

Also included: 

  • Printable cutting list to help you keep track of pattern pieces and fit adjustments. 
  • Comprehensive sourcing guide for all your jean-making needs.
  • Downloadable jeans & pants fitting guide to help you diagnose common fitting issues.
  • Printable resource of over 30 back pocket designs to help you personalize your dream jeans.
  • Watch anywhere video lessons with closed captioning.
from $59.00 USD

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction (3:44) 
  • Lesson One: Sourcing Fabric & Supplies (14:16) 
  • Lesson Two: Choosing a Size & Grading Between Sizes (10:29)
  • Lesson Three: Prepping & Cutting Denim(14:50) 
  • Lesson Four: Basting a Test Pair & Jeans Fitting (21:35) 
  • Lesson Five: Jeans Sewing Techniques (16:08) 
  • Lesson Six: Assembling Front Pockets (25:04) 
  • Lesson Seven: Assembling a Fly Front Zipper (40:24) 
  • Lesson Eight: Installing a Button Fly (23:00) 
  • Lesson Nine: Assembling the Back Legs (16:20) 
  • Lesson Ten: Sewing the Side Seams (17:49) 
  • Lesson Eleven: Sewing the Waistband & Installing a Jeans Button (32:19) 
  • Lesson Twelve: Sewing the Back Pockets (17:16) 
  • Lesson Thirteen: Sewing Belt Loops, Hems & Installing Rivets (17:54) 
  • Conclusion (0:46)

Course Benefits

  • Learn anytime, on any device, with unlimited access.
  • All videos include closed captions.
  • Self-paced lessons mean you decide when the course begins and ends, and how many times you watch it over and over again.
  • Helpful tips, techniques, and methods for making your own jeans from an industry expert who has taught thousands of students.
  • Acquire sewing skills that are transferrable and can be built upon in future sewing projects.
  • Get additional help! You can always count on a response from Heather when you leave a comment or question in the lesson.

Meet Your Instructor 

Heather Lou is a pattern designer and sewing educator for the modern maker. As the force behind Closet Core Patterns, she has been writing about sewing for almost ten years, and has taught thousands of people to sew, both online and in her sold-out sewing workshops across North America & Europe. Her work has been featured in Threads, Sew News, Seamwork, Love Sewing and Sewing World magazine. 

With her contagiously positive attitude, Heather’s teaching style is fun and filled with helpful tips and techniques to help you transform the outfits in your imagination into a self-made wardrobe you love — not one you’re limited to buying off the rack.

Heather Lou of Closet Core Patterns
from $59.00 USD

"This is the most AMAZING course - I felt like Heather was in my sewing space with me (she was, digitally!), totally guiding me through the entire jeans making process. Could not recommend this enough! Thank you!" - Kristie

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the course that changes everything about how you make and wear jeans! To get sewing, click on the button at the top or bottom of this page, choose your pattern format, and you'll be automatically enrolled in your course after checkout. The link to login to the course will be sent to you via email. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive it after finalizing your purchase.
The beauty of Closet Core Patterns’ online courses is that you call the shots on when they begin and end. Sew Your Dream Jeans is a completely self-paced, online course, which means you get to decide when you start, when you finish, and how many times you replay it.
Before you get started, we’ll share a complete supply list, along with information about where and how to source everything on said list. At the very least, you’ll need a sewing machine (serger optional), iron, denim needles, denim material, lining for your pockets, topstitching & regular thread, and a jeans button.
It’s up to you! To give you an idea of how long the course is start to finish, the video runs just over 4 hours long and comprises 13 lessons total. Binge watch them in a weekend, or do a little at a time. You can return to the course as many times as you’d like, and there’s no time limit for you to complete in.
Please choose your jeans pattern in either a PDF format (which you can print at home or at a copy shop) or print patterns we'll ship directly to you. If you select the PDF format, you'll be able to download your patterns immediately after checkout, or by using the download link sent to you via email. Print patterns will be shipped in 5-10 days.
This course focuses on construction and technique, and while we use the Ginger jeans to demonstrate on camera, you can follow along using absolutely any jeans pattern you prefer, including a mens pattern.
All day, ‘erryday. But for real, this course includes lifetime access. After you enroll, the course is yours, which means you’ve got unlimited access for as long as you like, across all devices for all of eternity.
from $59.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Fun Challenge

I've always wanted to try jeans and this was a good way to jump in. I watched the videos first and then again once I started making. The instructions were clear and very helpful.
My jeans look terrific! The fit is pretty good although some tweaking would be necessary in another pair.

Great class

This is a great class.

Morgan Jeans

The class, pattern instructions and fitting help were exceptional! I learned so much & I have been garment sewing since I was nine. Making jeans that fit was a challenge I wanted to try. I am just about finished with my second pair of Morgan Jeans and excited to try the Ginger Jeans next! The pattern pieces were all well drafted. I am thrilled with Closet Core Patterns and look forward to trying some more! What a great experience! I highly recommend the Morgan Jeans!

A must before you start sewing your jeans!

I tried to tackle sewing my Ginger jeans on my own and just hit a wall. I just couldn’t get it! I purchased this course and I was able to sew not just one but two at the same time (because why not). The instructions are clear and having a visual helped me understand. Thank you Closet Core for creating this course!

Fantastic Course

Because of this class, I finally got over my fear of jeans-making, and I had so much fun completing this course. Now I have a beautiful, flattering pair of Gingers to show for it. I am a working mom of three, with little time to sew these days, but because of the structure of this course, I was able to complete the course at my own pace and take breaks often. The instruction is clear and thorough, and I love being able to go back and watch the parts of the course I need a refresher on. I have already started on my second pair of jeans. Thanks Closet Core!

Jeans are doable with this class!!

I have been sewing for over 50 years and decided to try to make my first pair of jeans with the help of this video. It is awesome. I loved the fact that I could go back over the sections that I wasn't sure about as many times as I wanted to.
The jeans that I made are by far my favorite pair. I am looking forward to making more pairs in the future with the help of this class. I am so glad that I took the leap and purchased it, I love the way it breaks down each segment into manageable steps. I highly recommend this!!