Mastering Modern Speed Tailoring
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Includes Jasika Blazer pattern in print or PDF

Are you curious about tailoring but don't know where to begin? Do you want to grow and expand your skillset and push your sewing practice to the next level? 

Welcome to the class designed to demystify the fine art of speed tailoring! Spoiler alert: it's not as hard as you think, and the skills and techniques you'll learn will truly level up your entire sewing practice. That high-end blazer you've always wanted is just a few hours away, only this time it's constructed and fit for your exact body, using professional, industry-level techniques and secrets. 

Learn to Sew a Classic Blazer is a comprehensive online course that guides you through the process of sourcing, stitching and finishing your own custom made blazer using modern speed tailoring techniques. No need for pad stitching or fiddly sew-in interfacings - you'll learn how to use fusible interfacings to quickly add structure and shape to a blazer that will fit like it was made for you (because it was!) 

By following along using the included Jasika Blazer pattern (although the skills and techniques can be applied to any blazer pattern), Heather Lou of Closet Core Patterns teaches each lesson in simple language everyone can understand, so both advanced and novice sewists alike will feel confident creating beautiful, custom-made blazers from the comfort of their own home.

Work at your own pace – anytime, anywhere, on any device – and learn the ins and outs of creating structure with readily available and easy to apply fusible interfacings, along with industry level speed tailoring techniques & skills you'll use forever.

In this class you'll learn...

  • Where to source beautiful tailoring fabrics, interfacings and all necessary supplies.
  • How to find the perfect size for your body, grade in-between sizes and make a test muslin.
  • Basic jacket fitting, with an in-depth downloadable ebook to help you identify and solve any potential fit issues.
  • Best methods for prepping, marking and cutting fabric and interfacings.
  • How to create structure and dimension in a tailored jacket using fusible interfacings you can apply at home with a regular iron.
  • Two different styles of welt pockets.
  • How to confidently sew a gorgeous notched collar that rolls beautifully at the lapel.
  • Classic hand-stitching techniques for a truly flawless finish.
  • How to sew and set-in a beautifully fitting two piece sleeve.
  • How to insert sleeveheads and shoulder pads for professional-looking results (including free patterns for both!)
  • Tips for adding painless and professional-looking details like buttonholes, buttons and topstitching.
  • Industry techniques like how to quickly bag a coat lining with a minimum of handstitching.
from $59.00 USD

About the pattern included with this course 

While you can use any pattern to follow along (including patterns for men, since the skills are the same), we have created an exclusive jacket pattern for you to use in this workshop, the Jasika Blazer. Featuring all the landmark details of a classic blazer, it has a timeless, semi-fitted silhouette with lots of opportunity for customization, and can easily go from casual to formal depending on fabric choice. 

Choose the format of your pattern; print patterns will be shipped directly to you, while an instant gratification PDF can be printed at home or a local copy shop. See our guide to printing and assembling PDF patterns here.

Learn how to sew class Learn how to sew class Learn how to sew class

Also included:

  • A comprehensive Blazer Fitting Ebook to help you diagnose dozens of common fitting issues, along with instructions on how to assess fit, how to make a muslin and a Blazer Fitting Checklist to print and use while fitting your jacket. 
  • Printable cutting list to help you keep track of pattern pieces. 
  • Detailed supply guide to help you source fabric and supplies. 
  • Free patterns for sleeveheads and shoulder pads.
  • Watch anywhere video lessons with closed captioning.
from $59.00 USD

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction (11:58)
  • Lesson One: Fabric & Supplies (27:26)
  • Lesson Two: Choosing a Size, Fitting & Making a Muslin (18:20)
  • Lesson Three: Fabric Cutting & Prep (26:01)
  • Lesson Four: Preparing the Front Jacket (39:05)
  • Lesson Five: Sewing Side Seams & Double Welt Pockets (33:59)
  • Lesson Six: Assembling Back & Body (21:21)
  • Lesson Seven: Assembling Collars & Lapel Facing (36:31)
  • Lesson Eight: Sewing & Pressing Lapel (35:17)
  • Lesson Nine: Sewing & Setting in Sleeves (25:50)
  • Lesson Ten: Inserting Shoulder Pads & Sleeveheads (10:14)
  • Lesson Eleven: Assembling Lining (10:27)
  • Lesson Twelve: Lining the Jacket (33:36)
  • Lesson Thirteen: Finishing Touches + Conclusion (26:18)

Course Benefits 

  • Learn anytime, on any device, with unlimited access.
  • All videos include closed captions.
  • Self-paced lessons mean you decide when the course begins and ends, and how many times you watch it over again.
  • Helpful tips, techniques, and methods for making your own blazer from an industry professional
  • Acquire sewing skills that are transferrable and can be built upon in future sewing projects.
  • Get additional help! You can always count on a response from Heather when you leave a comment or question in the lesson.

Meet Your Instructor 

Heather Lou is a pattern designer and sewing educator for the modern maker. As the force behind Closet Core Patterns, she has been writing about sewing for almost ten years, and has taught thousands of people to sew, both online and in her sold-out sewing workshops across North America & Europe. Her work has been featured in Threads, Sew News, Seamwork, Love Sewing and Sewing World magazine. 

With her contagiously positive attitude, Heather’s teaching style is fun and filled with helpful tips and techniques to help you transform the outfits in your imagination into a self-made wardrobe you love — not one you’re limited to buying off the rack.

Heather Lou of Closet Core Patterns
from $59.00 USD

"This course was amazing, I never would have attempted something like this before, but having Heather Lou talking me through every step made it possible. I cannot express how proud of myself I felt when I finished my blazer!" 


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the course that changes everything about how you make a classic blazer! To get sewing, click on the button at the top or bottom of this page, choose your pattern format, and you'll be automatically enrolled in your course after checkout. The link to login to the course will be sent to you via email. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive it after finalizing your purchase.
The beauty of Closet Core Patterns’ online courses is that you call the shots on when they begin and end. Learn to Sew a Classic Blazer is a completely self-paced, online course, which means you get to decide when you start, when you finish, and how many times you replay it.
Before you get started, we’ll share a complete supply list, along with information about where and how to source everything on said list. At the very least, you’ll need a sewing machine, iron, tailor's ham, tailor's clapper or point presser, pinking shears and regular shears, marking tool, tailoring fabric and interfacing.
It’s up to you! To give you an idea of how long the course is start to finish, the video runs just over 4 hours long and comprises 13 lessons total. Binge watch them in a weekend, or do a little at a time. You can return to the course as many times as you’d like, and there’s no time limit for you to complete in.
Please choose between a PDF pattern you can print at home, or a print pattern we'll ship directly to you. If you select the PDF format, you'll be able to download your patterns immediately after checkout, or by using the download link sent to you via email. Print patterns will be shipped in 5-10 days.
This course focuses on construction and technique, and while we use the Jasika Blazer to demonstrate on camera, you can follow along using absolutely any blazer pattern you prefer, including a men's pattern.
All day, ‘erryday. But for real, this course includes lifetime access. After you enroll, the course is yours, which means you’ve got unlimited access for as long as you like, across all devices for all of eternity.
from $59.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Learn to sew a blazer

Worth every penny. This is a class I would use multiple times to get the perfect blazer fit. Definitely glad I found it.

Jasika Blazer

This class was such a joy to watch! I’ve made jackets in the past, but felt my tailor skills were a little rusty and this video was just the boost I needed. Even though the patten directions were excellent, Heather imparted many interesting “insider” details that wouldn’t have been readily apparent from the booklet alone. There’s certain techniques that are difficult to comprehend from looking at a black and white line drawing and Heather did a wonderful job of demystifying some of those processes. And watching her was like having your own private sewing instructor right there with you! Plus the beauty of having the video is you can go back anytime to re-watch certain sections. I found that aspect very helpful with the “bagging the lining” section. I’ve used several of the Closet Core patterns in the past and have always found them beautifully drafted with excellent instructions.

I'll be using this class again!

This class is worth every penny. Very informative and easy to follow. I definitely learned a ton of new techniques and understanding of constructing a blazer. There were times where it was hard to see what was being done with hand stitching due to the camera angle, however, I made it work. I do wish that I was able to get a PDF of the pattern as well. I would like to try another size or at least have the option to start over on alterations on my size of choice. Not a deal-breaker though.


Loved the class. I've made blazers before, so wasn't sure how much I'd get out of the video but in the end I learned something new in just about every lesson. Heather is an excellent instructor and fun to watch, bloopers and all.

Amazing class

The blazer making class was so great, I have been sewing for quite some time, and I found it to be easy to follow and the jacket I made turned out to be such a success, I can't wait to sigh up for the "jean" class next and continue to build my sewing skills.


This course is brilliant: I've made a linen jacket that I love after only 2 years of sewing experience. There is so much information and many many skills that you can apply to any sewing project: one of the main points being to take time and care over every aspect of sewing clothes and enjoy the process as much as the finished product. Heather is a genius at her craft: soak up the knowledge she shares with you and be amazed by what you can produce in your own home!! I've loved taking this course and I hope it will be the first of many I do. Thank you to the whole team for sharing your endless skills and expertise, I can't recommend this course highly enough.